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Voice of the Customer

Polar often hears from clients in the bulk transportation industry who appreciate the quality of our tank trailers, truck tanks and customer service. Here are several testimonials from satisfied Polar customers. Also visit our Case Studies to read more from our customers.

Service is great. Polar has locations in many areas where we travel, so if necessary the trailers can get the attention and service they need if they’re away from our own shops. It minimizes downtime while making sure our equipment is properly repaired or maintained on schedule.

— Greg Graves – Kane Transport

Our Polar equipment enhances our reputation as a premier operation. Our tank trucks and trailers are the Cadillac of the industry. There’s more hard piping, fewer connections, fewer hoses, ground-level vapor recovery, and curbside pump controls. New trailers include Bendix roll stability controls and central tire inflation. Simply put, we pride ourselves on having the best equipment on the road.

— Tom Warren Jr. – Altom Transport

The expertise and cooperation we got working with Polar has helped us deliver a quality product, on time, all season.

— Peter Kane – Kane Transport

Customers notice and appreciate it when you’re taking steps to get better fuel economy. When we sat down and said fuel efficiency is a priority for us, Polar came up with a response that’ll be good for anyone who’s running dry bulk trailers and trying to manage their fuel costs.

— Ryan Viessman – Cliff Viessman Inc.

Over a day, a week, a month, a year - my Polar trailers are going to far exceed the productivity, profitability, and return on investment my competitors’ will get from their trailers.

— Sean Davis – Tri State Transportation